While I have been, among other things, a blue-water sailor, house painter, cook, environmental educator, teacher, reporter, editor, and communications consultant, one constant thread has been my love of good food and my interest in learning how to make it. In the past decade or so I’ve also become more interested in good health—my own and that of my friends and family. This site represents the intersection of those interests.

Eating healthy food should involve no sacrifice in flavor or satisfaction. So while I now rarely indulge in such previous pleasures as mocha milkshakes and pulled-pork sandwiches, I am unwrapping the mysteries of healthier fare like Thai curries, Indian dals, Ethiopian “fast day” dishes, and Amazonian fruit shakes. Searching through cookbooks or online for recipes that intrigue me, I’ll typically combine elements from several or otherwise tweak them in ways intended to maximize their nutritional benefits and flavor. Many of the recipes on this site are therefore “doctored” ones I’ve found elsewhere. My policy is to give credit where due, especially where my modifications are minor ones or where I want to alert readers to other books or sites worth their attention.

Note that I am neither a medical professional nor a trained dietitian. The information and recipes on this site reflect my current knowledge and considered opinions, but those continue to evolve, and in no instance should they be construed as medical advice or prescription. After doing your own research, and in consultation with your physician, dietitian, or other health-care advisers, you alone are responsible for your medical and nutritional decisions.

My hope is that you will find here at least a few recipes or tips to inspire or inform you on your own path to wellness. My wish is for a healthier and tastier future for us all.

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